DANNY BURTON, a Cincinnati native, is one the of the area's finest vocalists and musicians.  His musical abilities and showmanship are unmatched. His music background began at age 5, with the Burton Family Gospel Band, recording his first record at age 9.  He became not only a seasoned performer, but a well recognized regional record producer.   Danny fronted several top bands, playing nightly shows at the Boulevard and Cadillac Ranch.  He also toured with national acts.  He continues to produce recordings and performs regularly.  Fans marvel at his vocal athleticism and charming stage presence.  

KENNY HOLYCROSS,  hails from Eastern Indiana. At age 15 Kenny played guitar and bass professionally.  Four years later he took up steel guitar.  He began touring regional and nationally, even venturing into Canada.  He landed in the Cincinnati area where he has made his home since.  Also, an excellent singer,he teamed up with Danny Burton in several area hit bands.  His eclectic style has made him one of the most sought after steel guitar players in all of the major area recording studios. 

LINDA GRIFFITH, began playing guitar at age 8 with her dad in her hometown of Danby, Vermont.  She added bass guitar, drums and piano at age 13. After moving to Wheeling, WV, Linda performed at local venues in an all-girl band and was on the Wheeling Jamboree.  She is known in Cincinnati as a versatile singer and utility player.  With song choices from multiple genres and eras, she sings and plays with unbounded energy. 

GARY LEE, also from Cincinnati is an accomplished drummer since age 10.  By age 12 he was  drumming for Southern Gospel groups including Amy Grant.  Gary is also well versed in Country, Rock, Blues and Jazz.  Gary has a perfectionistic attitude for detail, he attributes to years of playing school sports.  His competitive edge is the ground floor of the Doublecross groove.